Affiliate Link

If you are having difficulty finding your affiliate link for Step 7, these instructions should help you!

The affiliate program requires you to sign up first, you can sign up for free here:

(If you enter a referrer ID, this will be your affiliate ID and will be used in your affiliate link, if you leave it blank your affiliate ID will be a random selection of numbers and letters)

Once you have signed up please log-in to the affiliate area. At the top of the first page you will see your affiliate link:

Affiliate Screen 1

The part you need is after the aff=

This is your unique affiliate ID. This will either be a number (like the screen above) or the referrer ID you entered on sign up.

You are now signed up to the affiliate program and ready to run the software. Wrap your product as normal, when you make it to the affiliate stage, enter your affiliate ID as shown in the screen below - remember enter everything AFTER the "aff=" part of the link!

Affiliate Screen 2

**If using v1.2**

If you are using v1.2 of the software, the affiliate section will look slightly different. In v1.2 you have the option to not use the affiliate link at all. If you would prefer to disable the affiliate link, simply click on the "No" radio button.