Setting Up The Auto Responder

The Boomerang list builder will work with any type of auto-responder, however to keep your mailing list anti-spam compliant we recommend Aweber. You need to set up your auto-responder so either:

a.) The registration code to unlock the product is sent out in your first follow up email

b.) You send the user to a web page containing the registration code as soon as they confirm their email address.

Decide which type of code you will be using

The Boomerang list builder supports two types of code; fixed and unique. The fixed code means that the same unlock code will be used for each customer, the unique code will generate a different code for each customer but does require you to upload a tiny PHP script! (See Code Types link on your left)

Step 3 – Add the code to your auto-responder

Once you have decided which type of code you will be using you can then add the code to your auto-responder's message sequence. Let's for example say that you have chosen the fixed code, and the code you will use to unlock the product is 12345

You would simply go into your auto-responder and edit the first follow up email (The email the users receives immediately after signing up) to say something along the following lines:

***** Start Email *****

“Dear [Name],

Thanks for activating [your product name here]. Please use the following registration code to unlock your product:


Many Thanks,

[your name]”

***** End Email *****

If using the unique code you would replace “12345” with the URL to your web page containing the unique code. More details can be found in the “Unique Code” section of this manual.

I have included a step by step guide for Aweber users, I would love to add a similar guide for GetResponse, Email Aces and other solutions out there, but I currently don't use these systems so if anyone does, and would be able to provide me with screenshots to make the instructions I would be very grateful. Please use the support link at the top of the page to get in touch.