The Unique Code

If you would like to use the unique code instead of a fixed code registration then please follow the instructions below. (This is assuming you have already selected the “unique” option during the above process)

  1. Open up the “Boomerang List Builder” folder and go into the “Script” folder. You will then see 2 files, thanks.html and thanks.php

  2. Right click on “thanks.php” and open it in notepad.

    On line 6 find the text that says - $p_reg_code_length = 10;


    All you need to do is change the number 10 to the registration code length that you entered during the wizard process (See Using The Software in the manual). Once you have done this you can save and close the file.
  1. The next step is to customize your thankyou page, this is dead simple to do. Simply open up thanks.html in your favourite editor (Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc.) and make any aesthetic changes you need.

    To display the unique registration code on the page simply add the text [reg_code] and the unique code will be automatically displayed on the page, where ever you have enter the [reg_code] text.

    Reg code

  2. Finally upload both files (thanks.html and thanks.php) to your web space, make sure you upload both files to the same folder.

    Then, when directing customers to get their code simply direct them to your thanks.php file. So for example: